1995 Ways To Rhyme LP (2015)

by Slik Jack

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Album Fully engineered by Aspect Mendoza i couldnt have done it with out him ! couldnt have done this album with out my girl leiah , My two mo ppl , all the features on this i got nothing but love for yall and shout out to my friends and family for being there and one love to my city ,Montreal


released June 5, 2015

Recorded : Aspect Mendoza Studio
Mixed: Aspect Mendoza Studio
Mastered: Aspect Mendoza Studio

Producers :

Aspect Mendoza ( Tracks , 2,4,5,7,9,11, )

Skribe ( Tracks , 8, 14 )

Slik Jack ( Tracks 3, 12 )



all rights reserved


Slik Jack Montréal, Québec

Montreal Qc Canada hip hop artist Slik Jack ,
Raw/dirty/poverty/reallife/alcoholism punchlines, flow, Love & Hate & heavy90s hiphop all combined with flesh SLIK JACK

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Track Name: Ain't Nothing Left

How you wanna be coming at me wit some bullshit
Yo !
You don't really want it when I'm on it so move kid

Ill Serve you bums like I'm working the soup kitch

Then butt fuck ta petit cousine while eating poutine

going insane in my crane...as the years go

.........i feel no pain cuz I'm strange check my stealo
Beers and cocaine made my brain kinda weird yo

YOur 17 now I'll beatcha up next year bro

Come on! ... Am i too raaaw for ya ?

Calling me wack and now you wanna talk it ova

Chip on my shoulder . liquers my aroma

I Write rhymes drunk . spitem out when I'm coked up

Wohw what the fuck . red bow on a truck

And a Million dollar pad. Than dammm I woke up

Money isn't funny... no moneys no joke

If I can't buy dope and can't afford smokes

I'm hit up the dep in a long trench coat

With my duck hunt gun that came with the nintendo

embezzle ...ment ...when my rent don't get

Paid right away gotta stay getting checks

I'm the new York mets I'm bigger than t-rex

Kick flip twenty steps while rocking my ES

.... s on my chest cuz I fly over heads

And there's no competition .... Cuz ain't nothing left !

Chorus 1.

ain't nothing left ××××( 4 times )

Verse 2.

Now alot of MCs lost track of this rap shit

As far as I can see they all caught in this trap shit

But that shit is shit..... the shit did shat

.....Best get off that tip.. and on ta slik jacks

...Y'all can pay me with cigarette packs

And poutine gravy ...and maybe six Pabst

..... Aireey thing I do you know I get daps

Cuz I don't swet it .like fat chicks wearing head bands

.........gotta Heart like a dead man should I getta head scan ?

Naaa fuck that .shit'll prolly cost like ten grand

..Head bang . sneek a fucking gun up in a mosh pit.

Start shit. Shoot the dude performing at the concert

Pow ! .....You know you like my style

Hold your chick on my dick by her ceul'd cheval

...on the I87 I'm headed to new York

Hit the highway my way .drinking a 2.4

Check out canal scoop a Rolex ta sport

Now back ta montreAL ta hold down the fort

Of course ! I'm out for minz fuck the rest

Cut ya neck like pez fo touching my dead prez

Go off the top .like off my meds

I said .Ciphers in the parks where I got my cred

Putcha flow in the ground. I put it down ta bed

Now there's no competition.....cuz ain't nuthin left
Track Name: HomeBoy
Verse 1.

Fuck around ill go postal.....I keeps it on that old school

I'll be stacking 9 digits for you finish your sudoku

My whole crew nuthin but moguls.
Brains witta blown feuse

So if I got beef .ay yo I know they won't go tofu

So soon.... ......ceilings gone poor through .........wit dollar bills falling
I can feel it in the air like Phil Collins

You got problems? than I'm doctor phill talkin

Keep walking . or get beat till u crippled like Steven hawking

..................You the cherry on top ?than cherrypoppin

...I love bitchs that cook and clean than bounce like marry poppin

I gotta girl now... and I think its till the coffen

.Unless I meet the coffen first from all that flem I'm coffing

.........y'all cock blockin !!!..cuz y'all want my cock first

all-star baby ! like the back of my converse
I'm bonkers !! Get shoved in the lockers for being awkwerd
Let's get it popping like red & bockers You no it be tha


s to the l . i !!!!! ....k to the j . a ..... C ta the mothafuckin k homeboiiiiiiiii. ( X 3 )

It's the s to the l . I !!!!!! K to the jack
You know where its at...... homeboiiijj

Verse 2.

I'm bad to the bone . like my name was artheritis

Best take an oath of silence .......fo I resort ta violence

Appealing to your iris its the gear from giant tigers
You can hear it in your ear its like the cops put on there sirens

...wooop wooop !!! That's the sound of duh police !

The pig felt tuff . cuz he made jack bleed

I wasn't doing shit . ....there wasn't any beef

Ya ..I was kinda licked but I think it was my steeze ..

I got storys ! y'all got storys but its my time ta speak

Tonight I'm getting fucked up . its been that kinda week

But no defeat cuz non of y'all can really push me

The only one that ever brought me downs my girls pussy

...I'm whatcha would be....if your ass woulda dropped the gimmicks
the drunk of the village .you dont like it you can kiss it

...Your Swets pissin out I can see your skin glisson
I suggest that you Listen cuz you know it be the

Hook :

S to the l.. i !!!!! K to the j . a ...c to the mothafuckin k homeboiiiiiii. (3 x )

S to the l. i !!! K to that jack
You know where its at ....homeboiiii

Verse 3.

(((8 bar speaking ))))

See me I'm the shit . I keep it reallll .
I smoke drink puff the occasional juicy
I hit up the tity bar hi five bitches.. I love woman . ... Im always broke . I roll my smokes. I gets funky . my homies stay blunted . I love soul blues funk and hip hop and IMA mothafuckin genius ! Check it out !

Verse 3.

Never bin a pretty boy ...always bin a raw one

Get up in ya face like I'm blowing you a shotgun

I'm pulling out the tape it ain't my demo its the caution

I'm either locked in or Robbin or fuckin choppin

A marksmen .............. Cuz aim precsise

Y'all aint half as nice . your reincarnation wouldn't change ya life

this my main advice....... Brotha do you
screw you nobody wanna hear you wit that boohoo its the

Hook :

S to the l..i !!!!! K to the j.. A .....c to the mothafucking k homeboooiiii

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Track Name: The Tables Have Turned
Vs 1.

I bigidy bring the digidy danger
Bin wild since back in the days when dealers had the pigidy pager
................... Word life
Rippidy rippin the microphone ta dust
.......That's what I does.

And if you wanna be frigidy fuck wit us
....... You'll get fucked up

This bottle . my best friend my bejdrin

.....i spent last ten cents. And feel that urge to have you when your mentioned

We gots the Digidy Drink problem flowing through our veins
..And each and every one of us we think we gunna change !

Anyways. fuck that get back ta the track
Yo where's it at

Your rap productions wack. was it recorded with a yak bak ?

Check the mack dad. My Stealo double o zero smooth

When you spit you hear no groove.
When i did it the people move . ..word

Yes sir. Fur certain. Im Converting a virgin

Fresher than a shirt in tide lime ditergant.what's the verdict

Life's a circus . and you clowns you make me nervouse

Cuz this grass is fulls serpants. When it comes down to the girlfriends

See me I'm loyal . I'm a man of my word

Well see whatcha like.......when the tables have turned


Verse 2.

Un-zigidy zip the zip-lock. bigidy bit the pot than twist it

My flows adigidy-dictive.. Make you credics wanna hit this

Now Don't you miss this . its bin a minute
Since you've witness

Some Real hip hop .and not some figidy fag swigidy swaggin bout riches

And bitches and Benzes and Cribs wit white piked fences.

And mentions of being the bestest yall dementid

Tsssss.............fuck outta here that

I got 2 beers attached on both sides of my thinking cap ! ......Word up

..... I'm bout that life . hip hoping obstacles
And paying dues

I play some blues. Cause ain't no body no what its like ta wear these shoes

Word life.......the world trife so I'm just like...fuck it

I Was born old ..I'll die young . .Benjamin button

I got no time sit around and wait my turn

Like a wellfair check ....I'll be coming out the first

See me I'm loyal. I'm a man of my word

And well see whatcha like..... When the tables have turned

Choruse 2.

Bridge 1.

As the......... .............worllllllld turns
As the.......world turns .and turns and turns and turns and turns and turns. ×( 2 times)


Vs 3.

Hipidy hipidy hop and dropping freestyles of the top

Cuz the homies at my spot you know we got the shit on lock

Dowwwnnn !!!!! Take this beer and turn that frown upside dooowwwwn

Don't worry about a thing my dude just hold it down

I gotcha back and mad Shorty's ta hold ya front

And if you fall in love I won't touch the one you want

See me I'm loyal. I'm a man of my word

And well see watcha like .....when the tables have turned

Last choruse.
Track Name: Beer Beer Beer

Drunk and balligerant but I get the ppl into it
I'm like a fuckin drunkin Inuit I get ridiculous

....I'm sorta infomous for being sucha fuckin mess

.Posing with a 9 milometer in a wedding dress

...So Watch ya step cuz this drunk is in affect
Once I slapped this dude out .witta upside down cigarette

He tryd intimidating me . while I was faded see
Now he walks around witta face fulla maybalien

But that was Back when I was young
Dumb n drunk

.......Now i own give a fuck I drink ta get numb

Never got my stomach pumped but I gotta beer gut

Woke up wit some weird sluts but never on no queer stuff

12 steps .....pffffff ......Ill do the moonwalk

I'll send AA pics of my dick in a shoe box

Bumpin biggie in DA boombox I'm crazy like tupac

Throw down two shots I'm too drunk too walk



vs 2.

No I'm notta Irish but the booze is like my viruse
And a no I'm not from France but let me know where all the whine is

There's booze in my saliva so the mics too drunk ta cypher
.....And if it weren't for liquer non of y'all would get vagina

Its the drunk driver I bin drinking since IM minor
.......Alcholic ryhmer. Im bethovin wit the type writter

Me and my bejdrins we get intoxicated
Faded .......... inibriated .... craaazy waisted
Yaaaa !!!

........... I get smashed car tires get slashed

The car lighters broken so we chain smoking stacks

I'm mad when I'm trashed. But I'm bipolar so I laugh

Like .. Hahahahahhahaaah than I wake up witta cast

Nights go by fast . when your sloshed like a boss

As I toast to the gods . while I'm drunk in a garage

My visions a mirage . like I'm on acid in the dessert

Poking at a cactus thinking its a beer dispenser



Fuck dropping bars I rather be drinking inside'em
Strait jackets should be tightend when I'm locked up in asylums

My livers got millage . my bank accounts at minuse

.....alcohol ....its the poor mans phsychiatrist

If I could just . win the fuckin lottery than I would be

Buying property where I could cauz all my debauchery

Cops wouldn't bother me . for all my public drinkin

Or all my binjin . ...just me and my addiction

Check it ......I'll be holding beers when I pass out

No doubt I'll black out . ...but that don't mean I'll back down

Cuz yo... Hand me some beer over here and I'm set

....triple o.g since the days of cassette

Bringing back emptys ..to the chinker dep

......25 cents for a loose cigarette

Yo I ain't gotta dime so this time your buyin

And plus I rather be drinking then kickin this rhyme